I can confirm that vulnerability hangover is a real thing.

The release of Shepherd’s Derelict has been set for July 6, 2021, by Paint Creek Press. Advanced reader copies have been sent out for review, and the copy edit is happening as I write this. I had  wanted, so very much, to write some kind of profound statement on this post, or at least manage a few quotable jewels of  prose but find that, instead, I just want to take it all back, curl  up into a small ball, and go back to my daily private adventures with the residents of Huna Island.

shepherd's derelict by a.g. bennettHuna Island is a fictional place, but based on so many of the islands in the American San Juans and Canadian Gulf Islands that sheltered me in my youth—their stunning natural beauty and the odd ball residents who find solace there. Finally getting this story published is frightening for me personally—who wants to open themselves up to criticism, after all—but also on behalf of Huna and the characters who live there. I feel deeply loyal to these flawed, private, difficult people, and am sorry to open them up to an outside gaze, something I know they would go to great lengths to avoid. I’m fearful that my fumbling attempts at portraying them will fail, and that they’ll close the door on me, perhaps forever.

More experienced writers, help me! Are these the usual feelings authors harbor when a book is released? Seriously, send me a note. I’d love to know.

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