Chapter Three: Dinner  Party

Chapter Three: Dinner Party

I gave up on work for the afternoon—the deadline was blown so badly now that one day couldn’t make a difference—and took a shower, hoping to scrub away some of the anxieties about Pops. I dressed, pulling an old sweatshirt over my head, then swiped steam away from the...
Chapter Two: An Officer in the Dark

Chapter Two: An Officer in the Dark

Her mother, the officer said, was dead. The seven-year-old with dark braids tucked her chin against the sharp edge of her collarbone and cowered in the shadows of the darkened hallway behind Aunt Louise. She watched the man’s mouth moving, his pale skin lit by the...
Chapter One:  Frost

Chapter One: Frost

The wind had blown hard and empty out of the Arctic for too long. But when the marine radio crackled to life with a forecast of better weather, I switched it off. No point in getting hopeful. The winter had been the strangest one I could remember, alternating between...

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